by Mike 

February 7, 2021

The question that I get asked the most is. "Should I stop selling if my marketing strategy isn't working?"

Perhaps this is exactly what you are thinking now. 

And you are probably on the verge of giving up marketing whatever you are marketing.

Before you go ahead and quit, let me help you see it from another empowering perspective.

Imagine you are now at home about to prepare for dinner when you realised that your fridge is empty.

So you drive to the nearest grocery store. 

The one that you usually take the same proven route to get there.

However, this time round, the there was an car accident.

Would you give up going to the grocery store and head back home empty or would you find another route even though you have never tried it before?

I bet you would find another route.

Now, the same goes with your strategy when you are attempting to increase sales.

You do not stop selling just because your marketing strategy stops working.

The marketing landscape is constantly changing and audience preference are changing too.

TV ads that used to work on television no longer works because no one is watching TV anymore.

So should you stop selling or should you just change your strategy.

That's right! You change your strategy.

After all, a sales strategy does not fit all. 

You have to test and persevere to know what works and what is not working.

Creating a sales strategy requires a few simple steps.

Firstly, you map out how you are selling or marketing your products or service to your specific target audience.

Get a really clear picture of who your audience are.

Do they fall within the same age group, have similar opinions, income, location and so forth.

You also want to find out how they perceive your product or service solves their problem.

What you are looking out for the first easy sell is discovering the segment that will most likely do business with you now.

It could be your past customers, specific demographics, or specific behaviour.

Secondly, you want to create a brand story on your website to share the story of why your company does what it does and the values that you stand for.

The reason why works very well as part of the strategy is because people naturally connect better with stories and people judge you immediately by your values and beliefs.

Your values will attract those who resonates with you and reject those that are not aligned.

Not everyone thinks design and simplicity is important like Apple. 

Some prefers price and versatility.

Creating a great brand story requires you to think about why you are passionate about what you do and what makes you unique and better than the other competitors.

Once you have that in place, you want to research on which marketing channel allows you to reach out to similar customers of yours and those that would most likely resonate with your company brand story.

When it comes to selling or marketing, always lead with empathy first instead of going for the sale.

Show your potential customers that you truly care for them and start to anticipate their needs.

Another proven marketing strategy is to focus on long term relationships with your client.

You are want not just focus on before and during the sales process, but also after the sale.

It is after the sale that you can see future profits.

You have worked hard or spend money advertising to get the customer, it more important to keep the customer for as long as you can.

The longer you can keep your customers, the better you can persist when your marketing strategy to get new customers stops working.

You want to get your customers to be on your email newsletter or subscribe to your company youtube channel so they can get pampered by you with extra perks.

Investing in a good CRM system allows you to keep track of what your customers are buying and what are they interested in.

This helps you to personalised your offer.

You can discover new marketing strategies not just by spying on your competitors, but also how your complementary competitors.

For example, you might be selling handbags, and people who buys handbags also buys shoes.

You can spy on companies that are successful are selling shoes to unlock a new sales strategy to reach more targeted customers.

Be aware of what your customers are asking your about your products or industry because this would be the same questions other similar customers are asking too.

You want to also be creating content on social media to address these questions so that other similar customers can find you.

Lastly, you marketing strategy should also take into consideration of changes in industry, consumer behaviour, law, consumer trends and other cost cutting measures.

Take into consideration that your sales strategy encompasses, researching on your customers demographics, showing empathy, having a unique brand story, a good after sale relationship, a CRM to personalised selling, copying strategies that works and reacting quickly to changes in the market.

With all these in place, you might still fail with your first marketing strategy.

Remember that if one road is blocked, there is always another road. 

You do not want to stop cooking just because your fridge is empty.

What works, scale it. What does not work, scrape it.

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