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February 7, 2021

We’ve discussed the importance of choosing a theme for your channel but now it’s time to connect that theme to your brand.

Branded videos always outperform unbranded videos and there’s good reason for it:  People begin to recognize your content just because your brand is prominent and memorable. They’ll share your content with others (if it’s entertaining), and in turn, your brand will gain even more exposure.

This includes creating stand-out channel artwork.  Consider hiring a professional designer to create a logo, banner and thumbnail templates that you can repurpose. 

You’ll find qualified designers on websites like and

What you’re looking to do is highlight your brand in every way possible. You should choose one main color scheme or design style and stick to it.  Always look for ways to include your logo or another brand-identifying element into your videos and other content.  The more often people see it, the faster they’ll begin to recognize it.

If you have a great tagline, you should include that on your artwork. If you produce a lot of videos (a new video every week, or every other day, for example), then include that in your channel banner so that people know what to expect.

Remember that YouTube can be viewed on many devices, from a smart phone to a television. On a larger television screen, the channel art will appear in the background, behind your content. On a desktop or mobile device, the channel artwork appears as a banner across the top of the content.

You can also create your channel artwork from scratch if you’re on a tight budget using a free image creator like Crello. This free tool includes ready-to-go YouTube templates that you can quickly and easily customize for your channel.


Important Note: As you design your channel artwork, keep in mind that “safe area” in the center of the template. That’s the area that will be displayed on nearly every device. You want to keep your text and graphics within that area.

Make sure any important information like your website URL, taglines, and images are inside of this space so they’ll show up on the device and not be cut off or covered up.

Another thing to think about is your linking text. YouTube lets you display links to your channel – they show up in the bottom right corner, on top of your channel artwork. Make sure you don’t have text, logos, or important images in that area of your artwork.

Pro Tip: You could also create a hat, mug or t-shirt with your channel logo and include it in every video. The more you can highlight your brand throughout your content, the better.

Then later, as your channel grows in popularity, you’ll be able to sell these items to your subscribers who want to support your business.

It’s easy to create a custom merch at places like: or

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