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Individual Branding Website For You

Objective: To Generate Unlimited Qualified Leads To Grow Jeunesse Business & Multiple Sources Of Income Online

Formula To Achieve Objective: Lead With Value, Build Valued Relationships, Offer Partnerships

Lead With Value: We Believe That In Order For Someone To Want To Continue To Relationship With Us, They Have To First Receive Helpful Value

Build Valued Relationships: We Build Relationships When They Journey With Us, So We Take Them On A SHORT Journey With Us Through A Short Course

Offer Partnerships: Just Like Dating, Once They Like The Short Journey With Us, They Would Be Open To Receive Offer From Us

The Online Funnel Is Meant To Accomplish That

  1. Lead With Value: Each Post On The Website Helps To Answer A Problem That Our Potential Prospect Have
  2. Build Valued Relationships: We Give Free Book Or Course To Those Who Wants To Be On Our Mailing List
  3. Offer Partnerships: We Offer A 1-1 Consulting For Potential Partners

I have spend many day and nights to create this funnel for you


What: You will need a host to host your website funnel
Why: You need a host to host the funnel and I use
Who: I use cloudways because it is fastest at lowest price

Plugins I have invested money and time in

Templates, Online Course Tools, Conversion Tools, Quiz

Membership Plugin

Appointment Booking Sync With Zoom & Google Calendar Plugin

ThirstyAffiliates to turn affiliate links to normal links

I have done all the mockup and tested the links to work.

I’ve also put in a sample YouTube 5 day launch course.

I’ve also put in 5 sample articles for you.

This week, should be able transfer it over to you.

So what do you have to do on your end?

We work together to get the right .com

Use discount code: disc2u

Then we need to get hosting from clouds

I will then do the copy of over to you.

Then we will:

Replace with your photo

Change the personal text

Change the color theme

Connect Appointment Tool To Your Google Calendar

Connect Appointment Tool To Your Zoom Account

We will need to create at least:

5 Good Post Unique Content 

1 Video Course Free To Give Away To Build Realtionship

1 Free Book To Give Away To Build Relationship

And we are good to go!

For maintenance, we will just post 1 good article a week or every 2 days!

Direct Your Visitors to a Clear Action at the Bottom of the Page